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Bleach: Ichigo's Ban- by SharpenArrow Bleach: Ichigo's Ban- :iconsharpenarrow:SharpenArrow 812 542 Free Hugs? by Sadizumu Free Hugs? :iconsadizumu:Sadizumu 160 78 Even Evil Gets Sick by FrApSippiNCellist Even Evil Gets Sick :iconfrapsippincellist:FrApSippiNCellist 94 37 Don't click but you will by kandaluvr Don't click but you will :iconkandaluvr:kandaluvr 241 169 Kinsmans Theorem of Yaoi by Stelera Kinsmans Theorem of Yaoi :iconstelera:Stelera 261 121
Taking care
Summary: When Demyx discovers Zexion has become sick, he decides to help him out without getting much enthusiasm. But after the musician catches his cold, Zexion realizes returning the favor might not be so bad especially if they're going through it together.
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts
There had never been an overwhelming concern for us, the nobodies of Organization XIII, to come into contact with experiences from our past lives. Despite the fact varying opinions of the group towards their others are present, the general belief shared among us is we don't want to have anything to do with or remind us of them. It's just memories from a time we can only see in our dreams that there's no control over so they might as well be forgotten. So we live these non-existent lives of ours in peace, hoping to avoid those situations although occasionally they make an appearance.
It started off as any typical day for me would with my favorite activity, reading. I was in the castle library,
:iconabelkd71:abelkd71 4 8
Young Justice 8 by AimiisLoveBeautiful Young Justice 8 :iconaimiislovebeautiful:AimiisLoveBeautiful 127 16 Holy Rome's Sick Day by Hikari-Kaitou Holy Rome's Sick Day :iconhikari-kaitou:Hikari-Kaitou 511 108 Misc. Doodles? by Kawaii-Kushami Misc. Doodles? :iconkawaii-kushami:Kawaii-Kushami 18 31 AoEx - Rin's tail by Tenshi-no-Hikari AoEx - Rin's tail :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 8,178 685 Byakuya Chibi by Greedo-kun Byakuya Chibi :icongreedo-kun:Greedo-kun 105 4
An Art of its own :Sneezefic:
  "Remind me again why we're walking down here?" Zana asked as she and her master trudged down through the dark, cold, damp old tunnels beneath Romania. He had told  her before that they stretched all the way across the country, but never did she believe him until now. The vampire continued walking forward, not stopping to look
back at his young apprentice. "Because, Young Zana, they are watching." Who the hell 'they' were she'd never figure out. He'd been speaking of 'them' since she ran into his castle to hide from that killer... If she had only known that she'd been headed toward a fate worse than death, she'd have let the guy kill her. But now, here she was. stuck with the vampire that had saved her life from a bloodthirsty murderer, then threatened it with his own brand of blood-thirst. Oh, how she despised him. "Will you at least tell me where we're going?" She pried. They had been walking in the tunnels for over an hour, and her feet were starting to become s
:iconfangirloflotofthings:FanGirlOfLotOfThings 8 10
ItaPan Fanfic: Arigatou
Rating (from T (for kissing)
WARNING: Anime boys kissing, and excessive sneezing. Don't like it, don't look at it.
Author's Note: A fanfic I started and didn't except to be this long. It's ItaPan with Japan sneezing and Italy being all lover-y. I find it cute yet creepy, but other people can be the judges of that.
Disclaimer: I don't own Italy or Japan from Hetalia. I don't own Hetalia, either.
"Ha… ha… ha… Hakushon!!"
Italy watched Japan's small pink mouth widen and shrink as he drew in breaths that led to a forced sneeze.
"Hah… Italia-kun, why must you watch me like that?" Japan wiped his watery eye, sniffling miserably.
"Veeee…~" Italy grinned goofily, staring continuously at his sick friend.
"N-nevermind t-then-n… I-I… Ha… Ahh… ahh.. Hakushon! " Japan was interrupted by the tickling feeling in his nose again. Italy watched Japan's deep brown eyes flutter as he sneezed h
:iconkawaii-kushami:Kawaii-Kushami 100 81
On The Battlefield by Kawaii-Kushami On The Battlefield :iconkawaii-kushami:Kawaii-Kushami 145 111
Another story via request
Sesshomaru Request: Innocent Compassion has a price…
Sesshomaru cursed at himself and his rotten luck. He was just beaten by his stupid brother…his worthless brother…and not only that, but he was so injured that he couldn't move from the tree where he crashed into last night. "How…how could I let him beat me! It's not possible…but here I am, defeated. Inuyasha…I swear that I will not lose again." Grasping his injured body, he tried to tell how bad the injury really was. Inuyasha's Wind Scar did this to him…not only did Inuyasha cut off his arm not too long ago, but this humiliating defeat really…sucked. That was the mildest term Sesshomaru could think of…but he thought of many worse things to say than that.
Grimincing, he stared at the place he was. This tree was out in the middle of basically nowhere, only a few human villages and no demon places were out here. The last thing that he wanted was to meet with a human…and of
:iconshyguy280:shyguy280 2 5
Request for animeakahana
Request 1: Yu Kanda and the Hidden Enemy.
WARNING! I have no idea what this show is, but thank goodness for Wikipedia. It not only showed me what this character looks like, but it told me about his personality and that he fights enemies with a huge sword. I hope the person who requested this likes this…well, here goes!
"I AM SICK OF THIS! You better let me out of here…" Kanda, severely wounded from the battle from an enemy called Skinn, Bolic. Kanda was so wounded that the last thing he remembers was fainting from the exhaustion from the fierce battle…and the cold snow falling over him. His shirt had been torn to shreds, so the snow was blistering cold and made him even more vulnerable to the attacks…and now he was in the infirmary, his long black hair was covering his face because he was tossing and turning trying to get out of the infirmary. One strand of his long hair got sucked inside his nose and lightly brushed the inside of it, causing him to stop moving. "He
:iconshyguy280:shyguy280 3 9


Hey any Homestucks out there? Me and :iconjunecherrim: are working on a Tumblr ask blog for Herostuck: a superhero-themed Homestuck AU.
Come check it out, maybe ask a question or two. :)
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Hi, I'm Jessa. No, not Jesse or Jenna or Jessica. J-E-S-S-A. Get it, got it, good.
Anyway, I'm a major fangirl of a lot of things but I'm always looking for new stuff to obsess over, so here I am.
I like drawing and writing, though I still don't have a crazy amount of confidence in my skills. I love it when other people like my work or at least like the concept so lots of feedback would be great.
I've seen lots of awesome things here on DA and I hope someday someone is just as dazzled by my work as I am with so much of the stuff I've seen.
Tell me what you like and I'll tell you what I like, and maybe between the two of us we'll find something that we can both obsess over.
Thank you for visiting my page. ^^


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